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    Wind Gust – Ray x Marine in the FUTURE

    More squash and stretch practice in the form of a rough 2D animation/animatic, this time feat. Ray x Marine (in the FUTURE as adults)! Jesus loves you!!!

    So short? Yeah, it was a really quick one I did with like–what–less than 10 frames? And what happens next?! Surely they don’t stare at each other forever?!! Do they back off bashfully? (since I suppose this takes place at a time where they haven’t told each other their feelings yet)

    Great news–there was a sequence of sketches I did PRIOR to this animatic, and there’s actually an extra “panel” with a WHOLE lot of dialogue that might interest you below…



    “Thank you, Marine.”

    “You SHOULD thank me! What are you…bonkers?! Sittin’ on the gunwale in a raging tempest? About to get tossed overboard?! Ray, you’ve gone TROPPO!” (btw, troppo means crazy in this context; Marine typically uses Australian words)

    Ray obviously likes Marine but –*chuckles*– she likes him too XD

    Some extra photos for…aesthetics? A random angle–whatever, it’s fun–lol