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    “Wanderlust” – Christmas Mission at the Chaotix | Sonic Fan Art

    THIS PIECE LOOKS SO AMAZING! *GASPS* (back to normal) Hey, everybody! I’m here with a new Sonic fanart piece, and this time it’s Christmas art! See those starry boxes Shadow’s carrying? Those are meant to resemble Operation Christmas Child(OCC) boxes. OCC is a project by Samaritan’s Purse where you fill a shoebox with things for a boy or girl, drop it off at a receiving location(w/ $10 for their costs, etc.), and then they will deliver those boxes all over the world as Christmas gifts for children, and tell them about Jesus! (run-on sentence…) Shoebox Collection Week is going on now(Nov 14-21, 2022)(Nov 13-20, 2023), so if you’d like to participate, visit their site here! We celebrate the birth of Jesus for Christmas, and I think this is just a very awesome way to push the gospel forward! A little too last minute for you? That’s okay! Any time of the year you can Build a Shoebox Online here! Plus, there are many other ways to donate, or even drawing a simple photo for someone, can be a light and joy to them!

    About this paint-styled drawing! (also make sure you read about those starry boxes at the top) Sonic(not in the photo, but I’m sure he’s zipping around somewhere) & his friends are having a Christmas gathering at the Chaotix Office to pack some Christmas presents for kids around the world to hear about Jesus!

    Whisper is holding the door open for Shadow, who is coming with a stack of shoeboxes ready to be filled. Froggy is also by the door, he and Big are excited to help out on this Christmas mission! (can you see Big’s tail? In the dark it looks like Tangle’s, but it’s striped different, okay?)

    Tangle and Mighty are also offering their assistance. However, in the process, looks like they’ve found themselves caught under the mistletoe

    Lastly, the Chaotix(who are also unseen, but they are around, I assure you) have some snazzy signs taped up. Looks like they’re having a play, and they also want people to remember Jesus is the reason for Christmas(in English AND Japanese)

    After covering all the base descriptions, I’m going to dig deeper:

    First of all, Whisper is wearing the same sweater that I drew her in for Christmas last year. It says “Jesus loves you” in English AND Japanese.

    Second, I used my 3D modeling skills to render a blocked out version of the photo to serve as a base to trace. That’s how I nailed the angles and perspectives. (I used the same base models that I created for “Tangle x Mighty: Truly Unique“) I blocked a good chunk of the Chaotix Office in 3D, it’s actually pretty cool.

    Finally, the title. I called it “Wanderlust”(or 放浪癖 in Japanese). I saw this word on an object at the store, and I like the way that it sounds. It may not seem fitting to the piece, but here’s where I explain. Wanderlust basically means wanting to travel or wander. So, the shoeboxes and the folks delivering them want to/will travel the world to share the news of Jesus. I’d say that’s fits wanting to travel! (goodness, this post is long)

    (also, I’m removing the tag “Sonic” from most posts where he doesn’t appear; the tag “Sonic the Hedgehog” will still be on anything pertaining to the franchise as a whole, however)