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    Vector x Rouge “I Like You” Valentine’s Day Art

    #2 in what I’m calling the Valentine’s Series! Cute fanart of Sonic guys with their girls, (if you haven’t seen the first one with Antoine & Bunnie HERE), and this time, it’s Vector x Rouge!

    Vector sheepishly rips out a sheet from his notepad, where he’s written a three-word message for Rouge:


    Rouge is overcome with some timidity herself due to this unexpected gesture.

    Fun to see both of these typically confident characters shy about one another. Heart if you like Vector x Rouge, and remember to come back for the NEXT installment in the “Valentine’s Series”! Jesus loves you!!!

    Talking about the process to create this piece–this one was done traditionally for the most part(so not on the computer, for the most part).

    I sketched out Vector & Rouge in my sketchbook, then used a fineliner pen to trace those sketches(I add more thickness to the inks in the next step)

    Next step was using a brush pen and creating a thick border around each of the characters; using fineliner to thicken up certain areas, or add shadows(look at Vector’s hand under the notepad). I also used a red brush tip for the “I Like You” note.

    Colored Pencils were the perfect thing to brighten this piece up! (as you may have seen, Antoine & Bunnie were only inks)

    Scanned it in to the computer(so this part WAS digital), and I tweaked the brightness/contrast/settings!