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    “Teamwork Time” — it counts | Sonic Fan Art

    It’s Christmas time right now, but it’s also time for something else–I’m putting out the call to action–it’s TEAMWORK TIME, peeps! (read below)

    I’m actually REALLY excited, because we can work on this together! Some of you may recall my mentioning of Operation Christmas Child (OCC, for short) around this time last year. (or you saw the banner I put at the top of the site–anyway…)

    (mainly copy-pasting my explanation from last year) OCC is a project by Samaritan’s Purse where you fill a shoebox with things for a boy or girl and then they deliver those boxes all over the world as Christmas gifts for children, and tell them about Jesus! We celebrate the birth of Jesus for Christmas, and I think this is just a very awesome way to push the gospel forward!

    Normally, you can fill an ACTUAL shoebox and personalize it in REAL life, but this year’s time for that is over. HOWEVER, you can still do the process online, and any submitted before Dec. 31, counts toward this year’s goal! This of course, isn’t the only to spread the AMAZING news of Jesus. Even gestures that may seem small let Him shine through you!

    I created a page on Samaritan’s Purse website with a goal to fill 10 boxes by Dec. 31, adding them to this year’s total! If you’d like to participate in this mission, visit the page HERE! I know we can do it! 😀

    Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, Amy, and Cream are all gathered around Tails’ computer to fill some shoebox(es) too! Looks like what Tails’ intended to be a “secret” mission became a fun event with his friends! (and he’s totally okay with that)

    (The Mustard Seed Life is not affiliated with Samaritan’s Purse, SEGA, or any of their affiliates)