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    Team Hooligan – Bark, Bean, & Nack/Fang Fanart

    Hey there! Noticed I haven’t been uploading too often lately? Yeah, so have I, but I have a reason for letting as much as two weeks go by between posts…Have you seen ARTLESS, my new original webcomic? (it’s not Sonic fanfiction, it’s original, but I’d still be honored if you check it out!) (it took months to put together, y’know…)

    *ahem* After that explanation/promotion, if you’re still on the page(thank you), here’s a new piece! Bark the Polar Bear(first site appearance), Bean the Dynamite(not first appearance, I mean, c’mon, it’s Bean), and Nack the Weasel(aka Fang, also first site appearance); Collectively this silly trio of amigos is called “Team Hooligan”! If I can help it, I like to try not to draw the characters standing in a default pose, and this was a very funny way to change it up, as well as show personality/how these three interact with each other! Hope you like it, and let the art keep rolling! Jesus loves you!!!