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Tangle x Mighty in the FUTURE: Wedding Photo

Aren’t they so CUTE?! FINALLY, here we go! Tangle & Mighty’s wedding day! I never shared any photos from their ACTUAL wedding day. It was always either after or before/leading up to it–like “One More Day“. (I’m talking about for “in the FUTURE”; there’s PLENTY of fanart from before the FUTURE) (and if you’re a new viewer, hi there, hope you stick around as I share more stuff; to those who have been my fans, thanks for sticking around during my polished digital fanart piece drought, I appreciate it!) (scroll down for more)

This piece is definitely going in my wallpaper background slideshow album(that’s a mouthful), and below is the desktop sized one, so you can add it to your computer wallpaper too! (I’m not sure if all computers have the slideshow feature for desktop wallpaper; it cycles through photos you have in, say a folder, so that you can have a different background every day…OR every minute even…)

Now, talking about the design of this piece(because it took hours, so I have the right to ramble–haha):

I chose to color the lineart(vector lines make doing that WAY easier), giving this piece a different feel/style! I designed Tangle’s wedding dress(drawing characters in different outfits is awesome), and she’s wearing the same ankle bracelet from HERE. Also, I contemplated a darker gray for the color of Mighty’s jacket, but went with black in the end. Lastly, you may have noticed in the upper right corner it says, “Tangle x Mighty in the FUTURE: Wedding Album”. Could this be the beginning of some sort of photo series? SMASH. THAT. HEART. BUTTON.