Tangle x Mighty “Bagel Blush” Fan Art

Jesus loves you!!! It’s ANOTHER piece of Sonic the Hedgehog fanart! Tangle x Mighty Sketch #13! Once again, set before they were a couple. However, this time Tangle is the one blushing(which, she also did in sketch #2) Fun fact: In the sport of tennis, when a player beats another player in a set, 6-0(6 game wins to none), it’s called a bagel(because the 0 looks like a bagel) What does this have to do with anything? Well, also in tennis, a score of 0 is called “love”(even though the origins of the term might be “egg” or “honor” or whatever) Still following along? This means that technically you would say in a bagel that player 1 “won to love”, which somewhat describes Tangle’s look and feelings, thus she has a “Bagel Blush”. Does that make sense? If you like these sketches, you can support me on Patreon!