It's Flamingo Frenzy Time!

Like my art? Well, it's coming. Something new and exciting. Maybe even unexpected, like the flamingo in the BG. You probably didn't think she was going to show up on your screen...

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Tangle x Mighty “Bagel Blush” Fan Art

Jesus loves you!!! It’s ANOTHER piece of Sonic the Hedgehog fanart! Tangle x Mighty Sketch #13! Once again, set before they were a couple. However, this time Tangle is the one blushing(which, she also did in sketch #2) Fun fact: In the sport of tennis, when a player beats another player in a set, 6-0(6 game wins to none), it’s called a bagel(because the 0 looks like a bagel) What does this have to do with anything? Well, also in tennis, a score of 0 is called “love”(even though the origins of the term might be “egg” or “honor” or whatever) Still following along? This means that technically you would say in a bagel that player 1 “won to love”, which somewhat describes Tangle’s look and feelings, thus she has a “Bagel Blush”. Does that make sense? If you like these sketches, leave a heart(or two–or million)!