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    Tangle Crash, Mighty Run! | Rough 2D Anim

    So, in THIS post, I mentioned that I was trying to practice some animation skills, and “hint hint”. This is what I was working on, and I love how it turned out! Heart if you want to see more rough animations like this from me! Jesus loves you!!!

    I received excellent constructive criticism(this is the good kind, people; you WANT this so you can improve), which led me to color the frames in a base grayscale, slow down the frames a bit more, and even helped me decide to include Mighty!

    The sequences with Tangle, flying back and crashing, are based on some official comic panels that I referenced, challenging myself to fill inbetween the panels and create an animated version(rather than having to think up an entire anim from scratch).

    Mighty’s frames followed a different route, where I referenced a base run-cycle frame-by-frame breakdown from the internet, and then proceeded to draw him with those poses.

    Just gotta say, I love exaggerating the facial expressions on Tangle & Mighty, and if you pause the video at different frames, you’ll see that! These two were probably some of the best subjects I could have chosen to do this rough challenge with, since I’ve drawn them so much. (I was able to draw pretty freely; well, that and I ref’ed Tangle from the panels from a few frames)

    This was created in Blender 3D, using the Grease Pencil. (because, yes, you can create 2D animations in a 3D program that’s been awesome, and is now more awesome!) (but I don’t draw my fanart in Blender; only rarely)

    As you can see, the Tangle x Mighty art continues, and if you haven’t seen, there’s more where this came from! Go to the Tangle x Mighty page!