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    Tail Training Tree Tantrum! – Tangle x Mighty

    What a fine day…a mother trying to pass down a skill like tradition to her daughter…just fine…

    Except for the “skill” is using your tail to hold yourself up as you dangle freely from a tree branch, and her daughter is a toddler who doesn’t like it. Tantrum? She calls for backup–her husband. XD

    A cute family scene set “in the FUTURE” with Tangle, Mighty, and their daughter, Lacey the Lemur(my OC)!

    I really love Lacey’s toddler dialogue; it’s adorably hilarious! It’s been a while since I posted Tangle x Mighty art, but as you can see, I have not forgotten about them! Give hearts to show me you want to see more, and stop by the Tangle x Mighty page to see more(if you haven’t already)! Jesus loves you!!!

    This piece was just letting loose with pencils digitally; exaggerated poses and expressions and simple flats; this isn’t the first piece I’ve posted like this…