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    “It’s not just because I’m running!” — Vector x Rouge

    Vector trying to reveal his feelings to Rouge, but he doesn’t quite know how to word it…XD You’ve gave hearts, waited patiently for months, and now here they are: Vector x Rouge! Their dynamic as couple is really sweet and funny, despite being unexpected. Also, NEWS FLASH: Bring Your BibleRead the Rest…

    Poor Charmy Bee in “Noisy Waves” Fanart

    I drew Charmy for a challenge-ish type thing where he was the character to draw. Took me around 2 hours to complete! *when Vector plays music too loud* Seriously, poor Charmy, but his expression is adorable! Jesus loves you!!!

    Vector x Rouge “I Like You” Valentine’s Day Art

    #2 in what I’m calling the Valentine’s Series! Cute fanart of Sonic guys with their girls, (if you haven’t seen the first one with Antoine & Bunnie HERE), and this time, it’s Vector x Rouge! Vector sheepishly rips out a sheet from his notepad, where he’s written a three-word messageRead the Rest…

    3 Random Sononical Panel Memes

    These are memes I created while working on my 20-page fancomic Sononical, so it’s kind of like behind-the-scenes extra time! Be sure to read Sononical HERE! Jesus loves you!!! (Sononical is an unofficial Sonic fan comic by The Mustard Seed Life) First off, in this panel…Vector has SO much dialogueRead the Rest…

    “Wanderlust” – Christmas Mission at the Chaotix | Sonic Fan Art

    THIS PIECE LOOKS SO AMAZING! *GASPS* (back to normal) Hey, everybody! I’m here with a new Sonic fanart piece, and this time it’s Christmas art! See those starry boxes Shadow’s carrying? Those are meant to resemble Operation Christmas Child(OCC) boxes. OCC is a project by Samaritan’s Purse where you fillRead the Rest…

    Sononical: Heroes N’ Hearts | Page 19 | Party Crasher

    <<Page 18 Start from the Beginning Next Page>> Then the surprise guest comes as a surprise guest! ~BTW, this is NOT the first time I’ve drawn El Gran Gordo, see Day 29 of the 100 Faces Meme Challenge(also, I didn’t invent him in that costume, that’s real) (Sononical is anRead the Rest…

    Sononical: Heroes N’ Hearts | Page 17 | Shock & Mystery

    <<Page 16 Start from the Beginning Next Page>> DUN…Vector is shocked that the extra members of the Chaotix have never met the new recruits…DUN…Rouge has mysterious “things” she wants to find out…DUN…Tangle starts the blender without the top and shocks everyone! (Sononical is an unofficial Sonic fan comic by TheRead the Rest…

    Sononical: Heroes N’ Hearts | Page 14 | Rouge Lands

    <<Page 13 Start from the Beginning Next Page>> 14 pages in and here’s Rouge the Bat, over and out. ~*tsk* Knuckles…why aren’t you coming? (if you wanna see knuckles art…) ~~Hey, if you’re enjoying this fancomic, please tell others about it! Thanks for being an awesome reader! Jesus loves you!!!Read the Rest…

    Sononical: Heroes N’ Hearts | Page 13 | Old Friends

    <<Page 12 Start from the Beginning Next Page>> Sonic is the self-proclaimed “man”… ~Here is where we find out Amy is the reason Sonic called this a perennial event back on page 2. (Sononical is an unofficial Sonic fan comic by The Mustard Seed Life)

    Sononical: Heroes N’ Hearts | Page 11 | Laugh It Off

    <<Page 10 Start from the Beginning Next Page>> The Chaotix continues to have a ball teasing Mighty about “that girl” he met. Afterward, Ray pleads his innocence. ~The SLAM lettering enhanced the comic 1000% in that panel, it really made clear that Mighty was SLAMMING the window shut. (Sononical isRead the Rest…