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    “Teamwork Time” — it counts | Sonic Fan Art

    It’s Christmas time right now, but it’s also time for something else–I’m putting out the call to action–it’s TEAMWORK TIME, peeps! (read below) I’m actually REALLY excited, because we can work on this together! Some of you may recall my mentioning of Operation Christmas Child (OCC, for short) around thisRead the Rest…

    “It’s not just because I’m running!” — Vector x Rouge

    <<Look who’s blushing – Sonic x Amy Second Blush – Silver x Blaze>> Vector trying to reveal his feelings to Rouge, but he doesn’t quite know how to word it…XD You’ve gave hearts, waited patiently for months, and now here they are: Vector x Rouge! Their dynamic as couple isRead the Rest…

    Look who’s blushing — Sonic x Amy Piko Moment

    “It’s not just because I’m running!” – Vector x Rouge>> Heehee…Amy’s blushing, that’s a given–but Sonic is too, lost in the moment as he restores the Piko Piko hammer to it’s rightful owner. Soft color choices, pleasing palettes, cute art–I’d like to think this is the beginning of a newRead the Rest…