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    “Clay Calloway…” just another SING 2 study :)

    Well the title says what it is, and I hope the scene is recognizable! It’s so cool how they all bear the same expression but in their own way (except for Ms. Crawly, who is in fear rather than surprise)! Done in a sketchbook with fineliner pen. Jesus loves you!!!

    Triple Studies ft. the cast of SING

    Everything has “ft.” in the title when I post nowadays…XD Hello everyone, I’m bringing more SING studies–these characters are just so awesome!! Jesus loves you!!! I think drawing characters by referencing existing material can be extremely helpful in getting a grasp on how to approach creating more art with saidRead the Rest…

    SING Movie Character Studies

    Sketchy studies I did of some of the cast from SING 1 & 2 (most of it was from 2) with a fineliner marker/pen (no erasing, really; you get to see my process in action–BASE SHAPES!) I love drawing these characters and I think these came out really cool! (btw,Read the Rest…

    Korean Cheese Dog Commotion ft. Shadow x Whisper

    *gasppppppp* Has it really been EIGHT months since I posted any fanart of these two?! I need to post more with them, FOR-REAL. Jesus loves you!!! Whisper is munching on a Korean cheese dog(also famously known as K-dogs–have you heard of this street food?), but she is interrupted by anRead the Rest…

    Powerhouse Poses with Matilda the Armadillo

    From the desk of…ME! XD I had fun mildly decorating and sprucing up the area around the Matilda page in my sketchbook, giving these photos some life with (fake) greenery! Jesus loves you!!! Now about the drawings(so this doesn’t turn into a photography post lol), more squashing & stretching practice!Read the Rest…

    Buster Moon: A July Art Project

    *chuckles* And you thought I wasn’t up to much art in July… Expanding my horizons with more fan art, I took up the initiative to draw SING’s Buster Moon EVERYDAY of July! Most of the poses are meant to replicate movie scenes(which were mainly done based on memory), can youRead the Rest…

    Backyard with Door & Tree – Environment Study

    Grass, a GIGANTIC tree, and there’s a door…hmmm? Studies from real photos of environments continue! Jesus loves you!!! <– Cave Interior View of Beach From the Beginning Two Story House –>

    Cave Interior View of Beach – Environment Study

    From the inside looking out, a desolate cave with some light from the sunny beach. I like the horizon line on this one. Studies from real photos of environments continue! Jesus loves you!!! <– Chair on Tree at Beach From the Beginning Backyard with Door & Tree –>

    Chair on Tree at Beach Sketch Study

    Another environment photo study with sketchy, thick lines! Whoever took this photo really captured the scene. Such amazing composition and perspective! Jesus loves you!!! <– Buildings Outside From the Beginning Cave Interior View of Beach –>

    Buildings Outside Background Study

    These got posted out of order, but here is the sixth one that I’m posting! A row of buildings, extremely simplified, as you can see! Now this should be the last one that had the gray tones in it–haha…The environment/bg sketch studies set will continue with another post soon! <–Read the Rest…