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Baby Shadow the Hedgehog – Autumn Theme

Snapped a photo of a sketch from an older sketchbook. I’m trying to experiment with Clip Studio Paint’s fill tool, still learning, but here is Baby Shadow the Hedgehog! Hope you like it! Jesus loves you!!!

♥Shadow the Hedgehog x Whisper the Wolf♥

I present this piece, which reveals the girl who I REALLY ship Shadow the Hedgehog with. Ladies and gentlemen, Shadow the Hedgehog x Whisper the Wolf! ♥♥♥ Titled, “Confrontation”, I dunno, maybe Shadow marched up in fury because he just couldn’t take it anymore. This one turned out SO well,Read the Rest…

A Return To Remember: A Shadaria Comic by The Mustard Seed Life

We are so excited and proud to present our first web comic! Yes, it’s Sonic the Hedgehog fan fiction, a Shadaria story to be precise, and you don’t see many of those. We cannot take credit for the concept or design of Maria the Hedgehog. Our design doesn’t necessarily DIRECTLYRead the Rest…