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    Ray x Marine

    The Questions that Silence Marine | Ray x Marine in the FUTURE

    So maybe the title is ridiculously long, but it’s fitting! Jesus loves you!!! Bringing you a full-fledged Ray x Marine in the FUTURE comic! *screams* The whole family—TANGLE X MIGHTY! LACEY THE LEMUR(MY OC)! MATILDA! RAY X MARINE! *screams again* *ahem–koff* Fun facts: Lil’ Lacey the Lemur is held byRead the Rest…

    “Side by Side” Ray x Marine in the FUTURE

    Better late than never: Happy (belated) Valentine’s Day! XD Jesus loves you!!! “In this the love of God was manifested toward us, that God has sent His only begotten Son into the world, that we might live through Him.” – 1 John 4:9 And who is God’s only begotten Son?Read the Rest…

    “Pier Joy” – Ray x Marine in the FUTURE

    Marine frames the ideal photo with her hands, which stops Ray from taking his picture for a second. (in the FUTURE (adults)) Jesus loves you!!! (this was for a storyboard assignment; I’m taking a course that’s temporarily(?) free(I think); view the rest HERE!)

    My Assignment: 10 Unique Storyboards

    So, you can see the layout/format, it’s in grayscale…this is a storyboard assignment! I’m taking a course that’s temporarily(?) free(I think), and this is for the first lesson! I hope to improve my skills more and I know this will carry into creating comics, which have many, MANY panels. JesusRead the Rest…

    Wind Gust – Ray x Marine in the FUTURE

    More squash and stretch practice in the form of a rough 2D animation/animatic, this time feat. Ray x Marine (in the FUTURE as adults)! Jesus loves you!!! So short? Yeah, it was a really quick one I did with like–what–less than 10 frames? And what happens next?! Surely they don’tRead the Rest…

    Ray x Marine in the FUTURE “Picture Perfect”

    Ray the Flying Squirrel…Marine the Raccoon…Ray x Marine? Yes, extending the world of “in the FUTURE”, what if they were a couple as adults? (I’m not saying that I’m the first one to imagine this) I think they’re adorable! (heart it ladies and gents) Marine is desperate to see aRead the Rest…