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    Original Character

    It’s Christian, it’s comics, it’s “ARTLESS”

    The Mustard Seed Life has dropped the first issue of ARTLESS, a brand new original comic with Christian values, wholesome stories, and memorable characters. Official Solicitation: “Q shouldn’t be a letter?” Moxie MustardSeed’s art life has been postponed by updates–that is, computer updates. Meanwhile, her brother, Cal, is having hisRead the Rest…

    “Expecting Lacey” – Tangle x Mighty in the FUTURE Fanart

    I didn’t even write anything at the top this time, I want you to soak the piece in without my rambling for a change, haha. I’m ecstatic with how this came out, like, this is the BEST Sonic fanart I’ve EVER done! A lot of work(and hours!) went into it,Read the Rest…

    Marie the Koala – Sonic OC Challenge

    Something I whipped really quick when I saw someone made a Sonic OC(original character) Challenge. It was an awesomely detailed list for choosing clothing, will the new character be a boy or girl, etc. I initially answered the questions based on Amy Rose, but then things changed, and as IRead the Rest…

    Meet the Cast of ARTLESS!

    I’ve received just–the best feedback about ARTLESS, and it was also suggested that I could put together a character profile type thing(thank you!). This way, you can all learn more about the cast of ARTLESS! Below you’ll find some ALL NEW character art with descriptions! Let’s go! Jesus loves you!!!Read the Rest…

    ARTLESS Issue #1 | Back Cover

    <<Behind the Scenes Start from the Beginning (the end.) Meet the Cast of ARTLESS!>> The back cover(which was a thing of it’s own to layout and design, yet important), features the official solicitation/description for issue #1! It also announces that ARTLESS will be continued, with two simple art drawings ofRead the Rest…

    ARTLESS Issue #1 | Comic Process Behind-the-Scenes

    <<Page 20 Start from the Beginning Next Page>> This is the bonus content page for ARTLESS! The page you see in all the steps is page 14, one of my favorites with the four! (and if you’re landing here from somewhere else, click “Start from the Beginning” to read ARTLESSRead the Rest…

    ARTLESS Issue #1 | Page 20 | Sweat & Rain

    <<Page 19 Start from the Beginning Next Page>> Ha-ha, she couldn’t wait to show him even if she tried! And looks like the rain finally came after a delay! This is the end of issue #1(well, there is an extra behind-the-scenes page + the back cover with simple art), butRead the Rest…

    ARTLESS Issue #1 | Page 19 | Inspiration Struck

    <<Page 18 Start from the Beginning Next Page>> Remember how Moxie said “You’ll pay!” on page 16? This is her way of getting revenge, not sharing her work-in-progress with Cal. ~Can you spot Cal’s water bottle in 4 of the 6 panels above?

    ARTLESS Issue #1 | Page 18 | Table Talk

    <<Page 17 Start from the Beginning Next Page>> Yes, my computer actually forced ME to restart during the creation of this comic, which was annoying, BUT–it actually ended up being timely and helpful because I was able to use it as Moxie’s problem in the story! (gotta observe the thingsRead the Rest…

    ARTLESS Issue #1 | Page 17 | Cliff Hanger

    <<Page 16 Start from the Beginning Next Page>> Cal’s not spoiling anything that’ll appear in his writing, after all, he’s got his confidence back! ~The second panel with Moxie & Lacey looking shocked at Cal is a parody of a Sonic panel!