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How I Drew One of My Best Sonic Fan Art Pieces Yet | Digital Process Walkthrough

If you think my art looks nice, thank you, but it was NOT at this level when I first started. It took hard work and determination to get to where I’m at now. I’ve seen early Sonic art by others that looked pretty decent to me, because at least thereRead the Rest…

Eggman Family Photo

Left-half - Eggman standing with hand on Metal Sonic's head; Right-half - Mr. Tinker with hand on Belle the Tinkerer's shoulder; Metal Sonic's arm's are crossed, he looks booted up, as usual, no pun intended; Belle is hugging Mr. Tinker's leg while smiling

I read that other people are saying Metal Sonic and Belle the Tinkerer are siblings, so here’s the family portrait! On the left side, it’s Eggman with Metal Sonic(his arms are crossed, looking booted up, as usual, no pun intended) On the right, Belle is sweetly hugging Mr. Tinker’s leg!Read the Rest…