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Si, Mas Mas Tangle x Mighty Sketch Studies

Jesus loves you!!! The title, that’s Spanish for “Yes, More More” Tangle x Mighty sketches from reference(round 3 here) After an absence of any other peeps yesterday, there’s quite a variety of cameos! Knuckles(again…), Charmy Bee(is it Charmy the Bee or just—anyway), and Whisper the Wolf! See more Tangle xRead the Rest…

More Tangle x Mighty Sketch Studies

Jesus loves you!!! What’d I tell you? Here’s round 2 of me drawing existent art from reference(see yesterday’s here) Lots of emotions today, I also included the dialogue from some of them. Also, cameos of Ray the Flying Squirrel and Knuckles the Echidna! Patreon!

Sonic the Hedgehog Cereal Box GIF “Why Knuckles…”

Jesus loves you!!! Combining 3D and 2D to create a random GIF for a challenge! I love it…and even though the timing and cereal flying isn’t perfect, it was a fun challenge and I’m happy that I participated! It’s funny because I started with one small idea and then IRead the Rest…