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    it's just like what…

    ARTLESS Bookmarks are Here!

    The first ARTLESS merchandise ever available for sale(besides the book itself) comes in the form of bookmarks! Purchase a pack of 5 ARTLESS bookmarks for only $5 + FREE shipping! (currently only ships to the USA) What is ARTLESS? ARTLESS is our new original comic book series with Christian valuesRead the Rest…

    Dave the Intern x Surge the Tenrec Fan Art??

    Surge the Tenrec zooms up and sporadically holds Dave the Intern‘s(is that apostrophe right?) hand. She’s just like, all starry-eyed, and then there’s him…just like, NOT returning the affection… This might seem strange, but I think the idea is…interesting…Maybe there’ll be more Dave x Surge fanart in the future(hmm….) ShowRead the Rest…