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    Profess Your Love Day? Sonic Fanart

    I randomly stumbled upon the fact that today, June 9, is “Profess Your Love Day”, so here’s a round-up of some of the Sonic fanart I’ve created that fit this theme! Whether you want to see him softly telling her how he feels, or her randomly letting him know, IRead the Rest…

    Shadow x Whisper “Stay Safe” Fan Art

    “Valentine’s Series” #6–it’s Shadow x Whisper! Shadow buttons Whisper‘s cape for her, while also sending her with tidings of care, wherever she may be headed–“Stay safe…” Valentine’s Series still hasn’t ended yet, check REAL soon! Jesus loves you!!! #5: Tangle x Mighty “Surprise” Start from the Beginning #7: “Roses areRead the Rest…

    Tangle x Mighty “Surprise” Cute Couple Art

    Tangle x Mighty for “Valentine’s Series” #5! In total Tangle fashion, Tangle suddenly came from behind and covered Mighty‘s eyes with her hands, surprising him with a loving embrace. This is the first new Tangle x Mighty photo I’ve posted in 2023, isn’t it?! A whole page filled with artRead the Rest…

    “Hey, Happy Valentine’s Day, Amy!” Sonic x Amy Art

    Arguably the most CLASSIC Sonic couple ever, in Valentine’s Series #3, it’s Sonic x Amy(or know to many of us as simply, SonAmy)! Sonic coolly sends Amy a quick “Happy Valentine’s Day” as he rushes by, and boy, did he just make her day–no her week–month, YEAR. Once again, thisRead the Rest…

    Tangle x Mighty Sunrise Heart Hands

    It’s hands everyone…but the gloves are recognizable, so you know that this is Tangle x Mighty! I just really let loose with this one, referencing a stock photo for the base of the hands. We’re talking multiple light/shade layers, primary light/shade and then bounce back light/shade.