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    IRISH!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I drew him, as I said I would HERE, and AHHHHH! I haven’t really drawn his shoes that much, so that was an interesting challenge, kind of my own spin on them, like it? He’s also holding a “Jesus loves you!!!” mini pennant flag.

    SO PRETTY: Surge the Tenrec as Party Time Pauline

    PART OF THE “SO PRETTY” COLLECTION, see all the girls here! The final piece in the “SO PRETTY” collection is Surge the Tenrec as Party Time Pauline from Super Mario‘s Mario Kart Tour(why am I repeating the page title and why is the word Mario nearly back-to-back) It’s almost likeRead the Rest…

    Happy Birthday to Belle the Tinkerer!

    I saw that Belle‘s birthday is supposed to be this month, so here we go! A really random quick art that I did. (I drew her with my finger!) Belle in a different outfit with dark-green gloves! As you can tell, I wasn’t too concerned with staying inside the lines.

    Surge the Tenrec, Happy Girl

    What if Surge the Tenrec from Sonic was genuinely happy(for a good reason)? Her hair partially down, combined with the shading(mainly a blue color with blending effects on the layers), looks like a banana to me…