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    Family Photo

    “Sweet Peek” Tangle x Mighty + Lil’ Lacey the Lemur

    Who’s up for a last minute piece of Christmas fanart? “Sweet Peek”, an adorable moment with the family as little Lacey the Lemur (my OC), shyly watches her parents, Tangle and Mighty. Jesus loves you!!! It’s just so CUTE! I wrote down the idea for this piece in October, andRead the Rest…

    Lanolin the Sheep Visiting Family Farm

    It’s Lanolin the Sheep! She returned home to visit her family farm! (you think Lanolin is a country girl?) Put this one together kind of quickly(notice there’s no shading, ha-ha), but I still think she came out really cute. Background image is from Pixabay, and yeah! Jesus loves you!!!

    Eggman Family Photo

    I read that other people are saying Metal Sonic and Belle the Tinkerer are siblings, so here’s the family portrait! On the left side, it’s Eggman with Metal Sonic(his arms are crossed, looking booted up, as usual, no pun intended) On the right, Belle is sweetly hugging Mr. Tinker’s leg(whichRead the Rest…