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    animation basics

    In Motion: Sonic Throwing a Boomerang

    A lot of fun with this piece, Sonic the Hedgehog hurling a boomerang! By the way his hair, and even the spikes on his back, are swishing, it looks like he put a good bit of effort into the throw! Now the questions are: Where’s it headed, what or who’sRead the Rest…

    Tangle Crash, Mighty Run! | Rough 2D Anim

    So, in THIS post, I mentioned that I was trying to practice some animation skills, and “hint hint”. This is what I was working on, and I love how it turned out! Heart if you want to see more rough animations like this from me! Jesus loves you!!! I receivedRead the Rest…

    “Balancing Act” Tails, Sonic, & Silver

    I’m trying to build up my skills, right? So I’m learning more animation basics to help me in creating better, convincing non-animated art(that sounds backwards, but trust me)(plus, it’s just handy to know; you never know what I might share…hint-hint) I asked for some suggestions on who I could drawRead the Rest…