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    Sonic vs. Shadow Race(+ audience) quik art

    Hello, hello! (I start a lot of my posts with a greeting…haha) I did this sketch a while ago, but I recently added some quik color over it. Now it’s like, better than sharing just a plain sketch…anyway, enjoy! Jesus loves you!!!

    (this event takes place during the same time and location as THIS art I did a while back)

    Cream watches in excitement, innocently awaiting a grand race between Mr. Sonic and Mr. Shadow.

    With Amy‘s scream, there’s no doubt about who she’s rooting for. (*ahem* Sonic, everyone)

    Whisper doesn’t even know how she ended up here, but for some reason this action sparks her attention.

    Lastly, the forefronts of the image, Sonic and Shadow. These two boys are always competing, and honestly, I think they both really have fun challenging each other.

    (heart this post a million times if you don’t mind the quality!)