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    Sonic Superstars Fanart – “Already Assembled”

    Some Sonic Superstars fanart fresh off the press, done in a painted style and practically lineless(also more 3D looking, I might add)! As you can see, the confetti did not stay in the final piece. LOL

    “Already Assembled”, the title is meant to express the idea reflected in the art I created: Classic Sonic, Amy Rose, Tails, & Knuckles are all assembled together to be a team before Eggman and Fang even attack!

    Maybe Sonic & Tails are telling a story about the last adventure they went on together. Although he’s also part of the story, Knuckles disapproves of Sonic’s bragging(and you have to wonder if he notices Fang a split-second ahead of time?). Amy claps in awe of Sonic and his heroism, but little does she know that she’s going to be in the team soon!

    Please enjoy this piece and give hearts if you like it(they are appreciated VERY much)! Jesus loves you!!!