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Sonic Meets Tangle | 1 Year Later: Redrawn

Jesus loves you!!! I think it’s been exactly a year since I drew this the first time, so I redrew it again! My reference both times was art from Sonic comics.

I also wrote on top of it pointing out things about the two(below). I’m very happy with how the new one came out! Sonic’s hand wasn’t fully drawn because he went too far to the end of the page, and if I’m being honest, that hand is the worst part of the drawing. I was worried that my coloring capabilities hadn’t improved, but as you can tell, the new one is SO much more vibrant. I didn’t mess with the levels or anything!(I almost did for the top one because it was so faded, but then I decided to leave it in it’s original state) I can’t speak to whether or not I can do lettering better, and I think I’d still struggle with speech bubbles. J-just do lettering and bubbles digitally and you’re good, okay? The Shadaria comic came out fine! Well, I could probably analyze this for a long time, but then how am I supposed to get back to creating? All-in-all, I think it’s safe to say that I’ve improved drastically, and this gives me a boost of encouragement. Oh, and if you’ve wandered here because you were searching for Sonic x Tangle, sorry. I ship Tangle the Lemur X Mighty the Armadillo, you can see the art I’ve done with them here! Thanks for reading, subscribe to the email list on the right for notifications, roam the site for more fanart…Jesus loves you!!!