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    Sonic Art Inks #2 | Tangle x Mighty | Jewel & Cream

    Yes, Sononical is rolling out these days, but I haven’t forgotten about Ink-tober! Here’s round #2!

    Tangle x Mighty in my sketchbook(again…) I also referenced a base on the internet for pose and expressions. I really like how the lines on Tangle‘s pants aid in conveying the shape and how her leg’s bent.

    This one…the paint swatch titled “Tea with Cream” was like, meant to have this drawn on it! We can see Jewel the Beetle having a dainty tea time with Cream the Rabbit(pinky out!)

    And this time for coloring page/line art, Cream the Rabbit Flying Cute Playful Fanart! So cute, and I also modified the line art by adding white around her eyelashes so that they don’t blend into her face.

    This isn’t the end of Inktober, so keep coming back! (and also, read Sononical!)