It's Flamingo Frenzy Time!

Like my art? Well, it's coming. Something new and exciting. Maybe even unexpected, like the flamingo in the BG. You probably didn't think she was going to show up on your screen...

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Softly Blushing – Tangle x Mighty Wallpaper Art

Mighty glances the other way as he timidly hands Tangle a sunflower, completely unaware that she’s also acting sweetly shy about this moment(oh, and not to mention she doesn’t know he’s flustered, because upon seeing the flower she got caught up in her own flustered-ness and turned away without seeing him, so they’re both just flustered…makes sense?) And this piece is presented at a size of 1920×1200 for your desktop wallpaper needs. Jesus loves you!!!

A new piece of Tangle x Mighty artwork, but actually from an older sketch(don’t get me started on THAT) Went in a completely different direction of style, kept it loose, and I didn’t even shade(Clip Studio Paint’s watercolor splash brush for the win, everybody!) The brush I used to ink/outline(the india ink brush pen) already left some interesting depth, but I went back and thickened up some areas, adding more weight to the lines where needed(a drastic example is under their necks)