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    SO PRETTY: Sonic Girls in MKT Outfits Collection

    Now that I’ve finally completed the “SO PRETTY” collection, I’ve compiled all the girls into this one fantastic piece! Completed just in time for Hallelujah Night(Oct. 31), which is one week away! Definitely some of the best art I’ve done thus far, practice, practice! So, which girl is your favorite? Jesus loves you!!!

    Clip Studio Paint is the program I used to create the majority of these individual pieces, as well as to compile them. (I used Photoshop for some minor things) It has lots of great features, such as stabilization and vector lines(I discuss that here). You can get a 30-day trial of the software for free(no credit card, even!) I myself am using the software under a temporary-term license that I got as a bonus with my Wacom graphics tablet(you would need to see if Wacom still offers it, but if you need a new graphics tablet, do look into this!) But, I will say, that the software isn’t free of flaws(but what software is?) It periodically crashes when auto-saving(honestly, sometimes it might be because I have another program open dueling with CSP for computer memory) and it also doesn’t tell you how long your drawing took to complete, I really hope they introduce that in the future. Below are the timelapses for these pieces, which is another awesome feature of CSP, you can export timelapses from inside of the program if you turn it on, rather than having to use an external software(but it makes your files larger, and possibly slower to save…)(and note that I put together the entire video below in a editing program, CSP didn’t give me that whole video ready to go…haha)