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    Shadow x Whisper “Suddenly Stargazing” Art

    Powering up computers in one of Eggman’s bases to access critical information wasn’t supposed to result in this…but I guess that’s what happens when Eggman sets a warning laser to fire once at possible intruders upon a successful login. Whisper rashly pivoted to avoid the hazardous beam, losing her mask and tripping in the process. However, she unexpectedly landed in the safety of Shadow’s arms(who is also confounded), and they find themselves “suddenly stargazing”.

    I love this photo! The ink style was loose(again…) and I actually pivoted from cel shade to the blended style mid-process. I sketched the base of this with pen in my sketchbook a while ago, but I actually used 3D bases to help guide me to a more correct perspective and sketched new pencils digitally(I did not trace the 3D models, initially I did, but then I started over and just referenced them)

    In the background you can see the computers are starting to power up, one has an Eggman logo and the other says “If you’re not me, say hello to my laser! – Eggman”, which lets you know why the laser is being fired. (and the background was done VERY laid back)