Shadow x Whisper: Emotions in Oil Ocean

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The tension between Shadow and Whisper rises with the smog in “Emotions in Oil Ocean” (the title sounds so awesome to me…) What could’ve happened that led to THIS level of angry eruption?

Bringing back the more comic-y style! You may remember these two being the forefront of a piece I recently posted, but the atmospheres are totally different. (see the piece I speak of HERE)

This piece was created with Clip Studio Paint(aside from the “Jesus loves you!!!” & other stuff at the bottom). Enjoy creating more with the artist’s tool for drawing and painting. Try Clip Studio Paint 30 days free!(<– affiliate link, as disclaimed above) Still not sure? See this post where I talk about it more!

The base of this photo was sketched(by me) on paper with pen! (so here you actually see where I’m digitizing a pen sketch)