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    “Rouge Gets Fired” – Previz Assignment | Vector x Rouge

    The “Rouge Gets Fired” storyboard thumbnails(from lesson 3’s prompt) got to become a rough mini video for the assignment of my fourth lesson! Jesus loves you!!!

    It was really cool to explore the realm of storyboarding even deeper, by taking the panels that I created and setting it all up in 3D! I used Blender 3D(of course), and I’m very glad that I was already comfortable with moving around in a 3D environment, so that wasn’t the main of my struggles.

    I ended up using Blender’s grease pencil to draw over the more refined frames I drew in another software. I would have preferred not to draw in Blender, but it was good to get more familiar with the grease pencil since I didn’t get the imported frames working how I wanted anyway.

    Also, I added free music that set the tone even though I didn’t have to. (the sequence should work without it, so watch it muted if you will)

    By learning hands-on through thinking about the camera lens, moving the camera, and the keyframe interpolation, this was a very fulfilling experience!

    Thumbnails for comparison