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    IRISH!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I drew him, as I said I would HERE, and AHHHHH! I haven’t really drawn his shoes that much, so that was an interesting challenge, kind of my own spin on them, like it? He’s also holding a “Jesus loves you!!!” mini pennant flag.

    Silver the Hedgehog Ornament/Activity Printable

    Print him. Follow the instructions. XD This printable was created because Silver was voted the winner after many rounds in 4 Sonic Fanarts #3: Hedgehog Battle!

    Hedgehog Battle : 4 Sonic Fanarts #3

    4 Sonic Fanarts returns for third time with “Hedgehog Battle”! This time the choices were Amy Rose the Hedgehog, Irish the Hedgehog, Shadow the Hedgehog, Silver the Hedgehog, & Sonic the Hedgehog (*phew* that’s a lot of hedgehogs!) Irish was knocked out of the first round, receiving the most votesRead the Rest…

    A Creative Day Outside with Cal & Moxie

    Traditional art briefly edited digitally with a simple narrative featuring Cal & Moxie, the bro-sis duo of ARTLESS (read issue #1) ! Cal is outside writing–or trying to–the wind seems to be a bit uncooperative with his papers. (but his water bottle isn’t affected by it at all) Moxie hasRead the Rest…

    Ray x Marine in the FUTURE “Picture Perfect”

    Ray the Flying Squirrel…Marine the Raccoon…Ray x Marine? Yes, extending the world of “in the FUTURE”, what if they were a couple as adults? (I’m not saying that I’m the first one to imagine this) I think they’re adorable! (heart it ladies and gents) Marine is desperate to see aRead the Rest…

    Buster Moon: A July Art Project

    *chuckles* And you thought I wasn’t up to much art in July… Expanding my horizons with more fan art, I took up the initiative to draw SING’s Buster Moon EVERYDAY of July! Most of the poses are meant to replicate movie scenes(which were mainly done based on memory), can youRead the Rest…

    House Side with Windows – Digital Sketch Study

    LOTS of lines running to establish the perspective of a house’s side + yard. Most of it is lines, then there’s just the really sketchy landscaping! LOL This is the last in my “set of studies from real photos of environments” (it never got a FORMAL name, did it?) ThanksRead the Rest…

    Two Story House – Digital Environment Sketch Study

    A house with windows, a porch, and a nice tree-filled scenery around it! I love the structure, volume, and depth in this one! Part of a set of studies from real photos of environments, to be continued. <– Backyard with Door & Tree From the Beginning House Side with WindowsRead the Rest…

    Backyard with Door & Tree – Environment Study

    Grass, a GIGANTIC tree, and there’s a door…hmmm? Studies from real photos of environments continue! Jesus loves you!!! <– Cave Interior View of Beach From the Beginning Two Story House –>

    Cream the Rabbit Playing Golf

    A cute lineless piece starring Cream the Rabbit! Sporting an adorable visor and golf outfit, this little girl packs a swing with a strong follow-through! Jesus loves you!!! I tried placing a grain-like texture over Cream in this art, but then I decided to leave her solid. (random behind-the-scenes fact)