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    Old Art Dump: Pride & Prejudice/Sonic Fan Art

    This art, it’s old, but I am sharing it(and I have other old art, but I’m just sharing these for now!) Please enjoy this blast to the past!

    First up, Sonic and Amy under the mistletoe at a Christmas party. I remember being so proud of this, it took FOREVER to digitize from it’s sketchbook state(I was even proud of the sketch) I am still proud of it, it was great for my level at the time, and I still love the Christmas lights. (if I saw my art now, back then….goes to show that practice pays off!)

    Amy Rose blowing a kiss(either as a pose or to Sonic, obviously) This also started in a sketchbook and was digitized. Amy is one of, if not THE, first character I became confident and understanding at drawing, and she’s still one of the easiest for me to draw.

    Now, into the Pride & Prejudice fanart! This is the first one that I did. It’s when Elizabeth ventured through land and mud to visit sick Jane at Netherfield.

    I guess this is from chapter 11, which the roman numerals in the corner represent. It’s when Caroline and Elizabeth walk around the room at Netherfield(again). In the background, from left to right, is Mr. Darcy, Jane, Mr. Bingley, and Mrs. Hurst(she is playing with her bracelets, as the book says, and I made sure to capture that detail.)

    Lastly(for now), when Mr. Wickham and Mr. Darcy encounter each other in front of Elizabeth. She notices their silent tension, and I don’t know who’s face is actually supposed to be white and red, from what I remember the book didn’t strongly indicate. I chose to make Mr. Wickham the pale one, and Mr. Darcy the angry one. Oh, yeah, and there’s Mr. Bingley and Jane in their own world noticing NONE of it. Ha.