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    “Lift Off!” Tails x Cream in the FUTURE

    I’m taking “in the FUTURE” further with two of the cutest characters, Tails & Cream! Seen in the below fanart, these two are now adults and another couple that is totally YES! Jesus loves you!!!

    “Lift Off!”, jumping into action with expressions that show they’re ready to take on anyone and anything that comes their way! Tails can fly with his two tails, and Cream can fly with her ears–such unique skills! Heart if you like this!

    I just did some simple flats(no shades), finally posting a piece with color for the first time in a while! FYI, I’m definitely not the first one to imagine Tails x Cream in the future!

    Tails’ design stayed pretty close to an official future design he has, and Cream’s facial expression helps to convey that she’s older. They’re also both taller! More “in the FUTURE” here!