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    “Korean Cheese Dog” Animatic | Shadow x Whisper

    For my final lesson, the assignment was to create an animatic, specifically from the storyboards created in the second lesson: Korean Cheese Dog. Jesus loves you!!!

    This was really awesome. I got to work in a program that I’ve never really worked in before called Storyboard Pro 22 by Toon Boom with a ~21 day free trial (no card number required)! (not sponsored)

    So, I got to see the instructor use Storyboard Pro in the lesson, which was helpful *chuckle* but I had a hard time initially navigating the software when I first opened it. Once I got more familiar with it(tutorials helped), it was cool!

    My favorite parts about the program are: 1. being able to pan the camera around/zoom in/out on the canvas (seen in how the camera slides in the intro above), so fun! 2. the timeline, which certainly does make plotting out the frames and timing easy, especially when I compare it to how I keyframe 2D scenes in Blender*; plus, I could even add audio smoothly(once I figured it out), all within the program! (no need for an external editor here! w-which I did…still externally edit what you see above because I have a format I work with, but anyway)

    *Speaking of Blender(can’t pass the opportunity to talk about this program I love SO much; did I mention it’s free?), it’s now on version 4.xx (I was like WHOA-ATTTT? im still using 2.xx), so I anticipate that the Grease Pencil and animation tools/workflow have only gotten better! (plus I haven’t learned the Grease Pencil interface/tips/etc. very deeply, so I’m very sure it does more than what I do with it) (this is not sponsored by Blender either, haha)

    This marks the end of my storyboarding course work/mini-series! All-in-all, these are really great skills to have and sequential storytelling points + tips apply to comic art and art in general!

    Thumbnails for comparison