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    “Kiss, Daddy!” Mighty & Lacey | Father-Daughter

    Let me just start this post by blurting out, why couldn’t I have drawn this two weeks ago?! Apparently National Father-Daughter Day is on the second Sunday of October(so this year it was Oct. 9….) Whatever, I like this one anyway, so happy late father-daughter day! Jesus loves you!!!

    Now, talking about the actual piece: Seen is Lacey as a toddler in her adorable jumpsuit saying “Kiss, Daddy!”, and then giving Mighty a sweet, cute little kiss. Obviously this is a sketchy one with just flats, but the point gets across, and I actually like the simplistic-ness(<– this isn’t a word?) of it. And isn’t the way her little fingers are spread so adorable??

    (Lacey the Lemur is my Sonic OC, the daughter of Tangle the Lemur & Mighty the Armadillo in a future timeline)

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