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    “Hey, Happy Valentine’s Day, Amy!” Sonic x Amy Art

    Arguably the most CLASSIC Sonic couple ever, in Valentine’s Series #3, it’s Sonic x Amy(or know to many of us as simply, SonAmy)! Sonic coolly sends Amy a quick “Happy Valentine’s Day” as he rushes by, and boy, did he just make her day–no her week–month, YEAR. Once again, this is “Valentine’s Series #3″, and there’s more to be posted SOON! (#2: Vector x Rouge HERE) Jesus loves you!!!

    For you behind-the-scenes lovers, as far as “process” went, you can really just read the Vector x Rouge post? But for an extra tidbit of info, just to have something here, know that this was drawn on the same PAGE in my sketchbook as the Vector x Rouge one. How’s that for using up your sketchbook to the fullest? Also, what I didn’t mention in the last one(but it’s still applicable), is that there is ever so slight shading on the eyes under the eyelids.