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    “Expecting Lacey” – Tangle x Mighty in the FUTURE Fanart

    I didn’t even write anything at the top this time, I want you to soak the piece in without my rambling for a change, haha. I’m ecstatic with how this came out, like, this is the BEST Sonic fanart I’ve EVER done! A lot of work(and hours!) went into it, which I’ll talk about more below.

    First, I want to explain what’s going on, just in case some parts don’t make sense, due to the lack of dialogue:

    1. Tangle is impulsively running out of Beaver’s Cafe, feeling nauseous from the coffee scent inside. (apparently “Beaver’s Cafe” is known for fragrant coffee?) The smell of coffee makes some pregnant women feel queasy, which is what Tangle is experiencing. However, Tangle has yet to discover that’s she’s pregnant, but wise Vanilla looks like she may have a clue.
    2. Tangle excitedly tells Mighty that they’re going to have a baby, and he is overjoyed by the news!
    3. A cute instant camera photo with the happy couple, showing Tangle’s stomach is now larger, and that the baby is a girl!
    4. On a rainy night, Mighty carries his wife, rushing to get her where their baby girl will be born.
    5. She’s here! All the waiting and effort was worth it! A beautiful baby girl, Lacey the Lemur, who looks like both her mother and father.

    Also, in case you didn’t know, Lacey the Lemur is an original character(OC) that I created to be Tangle & Mighty’s daughter. Two more OC’s make an appearance: Marie the Koala(she’s older since this is the future) and Beaver the Beaver(this was his debut)! I’m slowly adding more art to the “In the FUTURE” collection, and it’s fun to share this one back-to-back with Tangle & Mighty’s wedding photo.

    Now about the piece! I thought about composition, how to make the piece panel-less(that was a interesting thing to layout; figuring out all the details that would separate the scenes from each other in a creative way), storytelling without any dialogue, and color(studying color theory has been really helpful; it’s so intriguing how different the shades can be for the same characters in a different setting!)(in the past, I used to try to get the EXACT swatch for the character; I love learning 🙂 )! For some extra behind-the-scenes stuff, view THIS POST! Please heart if you like “In the FUTURE”! Jesus loves you!!!