Classic Tangle x Mighty “Fresa” Fan Art

It’s been neeeeearly a month since I last shared a Tangle x Mighty piece(*ahem* besides my 20-page fancomic, Sononical: Heroes N’ Hearts, which does feature them) (adjusted the brightness/contrast of the photo to make it darker after receiving helpful feedback, looks MUCH better) “Fresa” means strawberry in Spanish, which is the object we see Tangle perched up on, effortlessly held up by Mighty. (also, she took a bite out of the strawberry, resulting in a heart shape) Jesus loves you!!!

Another old sketch that I’m bringing out, but this time playing around with the watercolor brush! The strawberry(which is where the watercolor brush was used the most), was created by swatching and referencing a picture of a REAL strawberry(so helpful). Tangle and Mighty are mainly composed of the charcoal brush.