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    “Teamwork Time” — it counts | Sonic Fan Art

    It’s Christmas time right now, but it’s also time for something else–I’m putting out the call to action–it’s TEAMWORK TIME, peeps! (read below)

    I’m actually REALLY excited, because we can work on this together! Some of you may recall my mentioning of Operation Christmas Child (OCC, for short) around this time last year. (or you saw the banner I put at the top of the site–anyway…)

    (mainly copy-pasting my explanation from last year) OCC is a project by Samaritan’s Purse where you fill a shoebox with things for a boy or girl and then they deliver those boxes all over the world as Christmas gifts for children, and tell them about Jesus! We celebrate the birth of Jesus for Christmas, and I think this is just a very awesome way to push the gospel forward!

    Normally, you can fill an ACTUAL shoebox and personalize it in REAL life, but this year’s time for that is over. HOWEVER, you can still do the process online, and any submitted before Dec. 31, counts toward this year’s goal! This of course, isn’t the only to spread the AMAZING news of Jesus. Even gestures that may seem small let Him shine through you!

    I created a page on Samaritan’s Purse website with a goal to fill 10 boxes by Dec. 31, adding them to this year’s total! If you’d like to participate in this mission, visit the page HERE! I know we can do it! 😀

    Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, Amy, and Cream are all gathered around Tails’ computer to fill some shoebox(es) too! Looks like what Tails’ intended to be a “secret” mission became a fun event with his friends! (and he’s totally okay with that)

    (The Mustard Seed Life is not affiliated with Samaritan’s Purse, SEGA, or any of their affiliates)

    “Korean Cheese Dog” Animatic | Shadow x Whisper

    For my final lesson, the assignment was to create an animatic, specifically from the storyboards created in the second lesson: Korean Cheese Dog. Jesus loves you!!!

    This was really awesome. I got to work in a program that I’ve never really worked in before called Storyboard Pro 22 by Toon Boom with a ~21 day free trial (no card number required)! (not sponsored)

    So, I got to see the instructor use Storyboard Pro in the lesson, which was helpful *chuckle* but I had a hard time initially navigating the software when I first opened it. Once I got more familiar with it(tutorials helped), it was cool!

    My favorite parts about the program are: 1. being able to pan the camera around/zoom in/out on the canvas (seen in how the camera slides in the intro above), so fun! 2. the timeline, which certainly does make plotting out the frames and timing easy, especially when I compare it to how I keyframe 2D scenes in Blender*; plus, I could even add audio smoothly(once I figured it out), all within the program! (no need for an external editor here! w-which I did…still externally edit what you see above because I have a format I work with, but anyway)

    *Speaking of Blender(can’t pass the opportunity to talk about this program I love SO much; did I mention it’s free?), it’s now on version 4.xx (I was like WHOA-ATTTT? im still using 2.xx), so I anticipate that the Grease Pencil and animation tools/workflow have only gotten better! (plus I haven’t learned the Grease Pencil interface/tips/etc. very deeply, so I’m very sure it does more than what I do with it) (this is not sponsored by Blender either, haha)

    This marks the end of my storyboarding course work/mini-series! All-in-all, these are really great skills to have and sequential storytelling points + tips apply to comic art and art in general!

    Thumbnails for comparison

    “Rouge Gets Fired” – Previz Assignment | Vector x Rouge

    The “Rouge Gets Fired” storyboard thumbnails(from lesson 3’s prompt) got to become a rough mini video for the assignment of my fourth lesson! Jesus loves you!!!

    It was really cool to explore the realm of storyboarding even deeper, by taking the panels that I created and setting it all up in 3D! I used Blender 3D(of course), and I’m very glad that I was already comfortable with moving around in a 3D environment, so that wasn’t the main of my struggles.

    I ended up using Blender’s grease pencil to draw over the more refined frames I drew in another software. I would have preferred not to draw in Blender, but it was good to get more familiar with the grease pencil since I didn’t get the imported frames working how I wanted anyway.

    Also, I added free music that set the tone even though I didn’t have to. (the sequence should work without it, so watch it muted if you will)

    By learning hands-on through thinking about the camera lens, moving the camera, and the keyframe interpolation, this was a very fulfilling experience!

    Thumbnails for comparison

    “Rouge Gets Fired” – Vector x Rouge Storyboard Thumbnails

    My third lesson assignment piece. (second one HERE) Once again, I was provided a prompt, but I put my own spin on it! Jesus loves you!!!

    Another really random situation where Rouge is whimsically thrown behind the jewelry counter working as a clerk! My hope is that the boards visually convey the story to you, but here’s a recap:

    Rouge is working as a jewelry clerk. Of course, she can’t resist the chance to try on the beautiful necklace on display, but when her boss finds out, she gets fired! Retaining all dignity, she surrenders her name tag and returns the necklace. But her composure falls apart as she frustratingly leaves the mall, feeling disappointment sink in after continuing a few steps. Vector shows up–SURPRISE–he bought the necklace for her! Rouge flies into his arms, extremely thankful. Happy ending.

    “Korean Cheese Dog” – Shadow x Whisper Storyboard Thumbnails

    Here is what I created for the second lesson of the course I’m taking(first lesson assignment here!) Jesus loves you!!!

    A prompt was provided, and then I ran with it in my own random direction! This sequence turned out awesome, as it gives a nice glimpse into Shadow and Whisper before they’re a couple and involves Korean Cheese Dogs, because why shouldn’t K-dogs make another appearance? XDD

    “Side by Side” Ray x Marine in the FUTURE

    Better late than never: Happy (belated) Valentine’s Day! XD Jesus loves you!!!

    “In this the love of God was manifested toward us, that God has sent His only begotten Son into the world, that we might live through Him.” – 1 John 4:9

    And who is God’s only begotten Son? Jesus!

    “that if you confess with your mouth the Lord Jesus and believe in your heart that God has raised Him from the dead, you will be saved.” – Romans 10:9

    Ray and Marine, “side by side”, arm-in-arm, ahhhhhh! The colors are so beautifullll! I consider this piece an extension of last year’s Valentine’s Series(look through the others if you haven’t), though in comparison you’ll notice that my inks are way thinner and I used my new(er) felt tip pens instead of colored pencils this time around! Be prepared for potentially more traditional felt tip pen pieces, these are fun! (plus, I nailed down a lot of the Sonic characters color palettes when I did “Bridge”; I will re-use the knowledge!)

    (Scripture taken from the New King James Version®. Copyright © 1982 by Thomas Nelson. Used by permission. All rights reserved.)

    “Another” – Shadow x Whisper

    “Another”, the title defines the presence of uneasiness due to the appearance of Shadow. Jesus loves you!!!

    It’s like one of those scenes where at first all you see is Whisper and then Shadow starts speaking while the camera pans over to reveal him on screen, so you were surprised just like Whisper was. (we must think of this as the directors!! XD)

    (this was for a storyboard assignment; I’m taking a course that’s temporarily(?) free(I think); view the rest HERE!)

    “Aisle Walk” – Tangle x Mighty in the FUTURE

    Yes, Vector will walk Tangle down the aisle! XDD Jesus loves you!!!

    It’s kind of random, but I actually like the idea. Just read the Vector quotes from Sononical(my 20-page fancomic) when he was talking to Mighty about Tangle (*scoff* because of course, Vector always knew this day would come; yeah right, at that point, he didn’t even know that the girl Mighty met was Tangle!)

    “It’s that girl, isn’t it?” “Sounds like she took a chance on you.” “Yep, he’s got it bad.”

    (heart for this everybody)

    (this was for a storyboard assignment; I’m taking a course that’s temporarily(?) free(I think); view the rest HERE!)

    “For Us” – Tangle x Mighty ft. Matilda and Ray

    A calm, romantic Tangle x Mighty forest scene, anyone? Jesus loves you!!!

    I imagine this could take place sometime after the previous “gloomy glum” board. So many ideas!! And of course, Matilda and Ray, Mighty’s younger siblings, were totally in on this (fistbumping–haha)

    (this was for a storyboard assignment; I’m taking a course that’s temporarily(?) free(I think); view the rest HERE!)

    “Gloomy Glum” – Tangle x Mighty ft. Vector

    Tangle softly approaches Mighty who seems to be gloomy glum(sad) about something. Jesus loves you!!!

    Vector hopes Tangle can help as he closes the door, creating a darker scene that visually conveys sadness as light only vaguely peers through blinds onto Mighty. (thanks for helpin mah board out Vector XD)

    (this was for a storyboard assignment; I’m taking a course that’s temporarily(?) free(I think); view the rest HERE!)

    “Double Play” – Sue and Hobey

    Will Sue get to first base safely, or will Hobey receive the ball in time and get his sister out? Jesus loves you!!!

    (this was for a storyboard assignment; I’m taking a course that’s temporarily(?) free(I think); view the rest HERE!)