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    ARTLESS Issue #1 – an original webcomic series

    THIS is what I’ve been working on extensively in the new year, and I am so thrilled to FINALLY reveal and share it with you all! Issue #1 of The Mustard Seed Life’s first ORIGINAL comic, ARTLESS, an ongoing series that follows the lives of creative brother-sister duo, Cal and Moxie MustardSeed. Jesus loves you!!!

    Official Solicitation: “Q shouldn’t be a letter?” Moxie MustardSeed’s art life has been postponed by updates–that is, computer updates. Meanwhile, her brother, Cal, is having his own struggles as he tries to write a story that actually makes sense. To make matters worse, it’s a beautiful, sunny day! Can the two wash their problems away in this perfect weather? Find out in this unique comic with tales of friendship, inspiration, and the love of Jesus.

    And since Issue #1 is absolutely FREE to read, I hope you enjoy it to the utmost, and that you look forward to Issue #2, which will drop later this year. (don’t skip the thank you page, EVERYONE there–including you–deserves to be acknowledged with many thanks; SO DON’T SKIP OVER IT!)


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    (and for my super fans, regulars, and bonus-lovers--I'll be posting each page of ARTLESS #1 as an individual post WITH some extra fun tidbits/comments about the series over the next few days, so please look forward to that!) UPDATE: I did it! Starts HERE!

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