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    Artists’ Blog: So, I drew in Krita

    This marks a turning point in my art process… Jesus loves you!!!

    *ahem* It’s been about a month since I drew these quick pieces of Tangle and Sonic in Krita.

    “What? Why Krita?”, you ask.

    First of all, my computer has been giving me trouble. I’ve spent a substantial amount of time trying to figure it out, but really to no avail. Some workarounds are helping me keep it more stable, but still, it’s not entirely reliable. (because crashes in the middle of working on a piece is never fun)

    Because of that, I finally decided to give a Linux a go. (DISCLAIMER: I’m not an expert and this can only be done by/with an adult. Lots can go wrong, like erasing everything or downloading malware. As with anything internet and software-related, be safe!) In short, Linux is a free, open-source operating system. Thanks to awesome developers, I was able to create a “bootable” USB drive and run a reputable Linux “distro” “live” on my computer, avoiding a full install + replacing what was already on my computer. (pretty sweet “lingo”, huh?)

    Clip Studio Paint (my primary art program), isn’t officially supported on Linux, but Krita IS. So, I installed Krita. I drew what you see above. I EXTREMELY disliked this software. However, I hadn’t given it enough time yet, and I suppose that’s where the next post will pick up. (spoiler: Krita ends up being not so bad…) (heart if you like these bloggy style posts)