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    And Action! – Amy Rose, Sonic, Tails, & Knuckles Sketches + Piko

    THE PIKO RETURNS!!! *echoes through your screen into the surrounding area* (because *spoiler* the PIKO appeared in my 20-page fancomic Sononical)

    Amy swinging her piko hammer HARD, I really, really love how her pose came out (had a little trouble rotating that piko, tho’) I just started doodling her the other night with my dual sided pencil (one side is brown, the other black; perfect for sketching a base and then more defined lines) What is she even swinging at?!

    A bit older sketches, these four are–but still relevant. I was practicing with “line of action” (a thing used lots in animation), to create more motion-action-filled poses. I’ve learned that a nice goal is not to just draw still characters on a page, but to draw them so that the viewer can imagine the said scene in motion, as if it were a movie. The fact that our brains can fill in that kind of information–Jesus is awesome!