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    7 Interior Sketch Studies

    A set of studies I did digitally from photo reference–theme: interior spaces. Studies are great because you can practice drawing angles and such, wrap your head around it, and build your confidence. Jesus loves you!!!

    Once again, these were drawn referencing real photos, and the first photo(left) has a very interesting chandelier! These studies are composed of lots of sketchy pencil lines, and when compared to the actual reference, it’s more simplified, but that still works for me! Also, I do not like drawing spiral staircases…ha!

    This one just has so many different pieces to create one living room/kitchen area. I like the reflection in the coffee table!

    Lots of angles and various lines running different directions here; I’m glad to have captured the lived in state of the room…there’s personality!

    Literally–pretty basic shading in these studies, but with my noise brush I can still give texture to the areas that don’t need EXTREME shades. (how do you like the studies I did of the mini bird art portraits on the wall, by the way? –studies inside a study–)

    Lastly, this dining setup–some chairs, a table, computer–but look in the window…yes, more reflections!

    Thank you for viewing and taking interest in my art and learning journey! Keep creating awesome stuff!