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    3 Random Sononical Panel Memes

    These are memes I created while working on my 20-page fancomic Sononical, so it’s kind of like behind-the-scenes extra time! Be sure to read Sononical HERE! Jesus loves you!!!

    (Sononical is an unofficial Sonic fan comic by The Mustard Seed Life)

    First off, in this panel…Vector has SO much dialogue for how constrained the space of this panel was(see the entire page finalized HERE; but if you haven’t read Sononical yet, start HERE) I made it work, the final version ended up having the bottom speech bubble as 3 lines on text rather than four, but wow, 5 characters and 5 speech bubbles in a wide, but short panel…crazy…

    Now this is an glimpse of what the third panel on page 14 looked like, BEFORE I edited it. I’m glad I at least get to share it here, because as you can see, the stick Sonic, Amy, Mighty, and Ray went through inks and color, etc, but I had to cut them out. The reason for cutting them out may have had something to do with accuracy of location(like, the location of certain characters in relation to others)

    I love this panel! There’s so much perspective going on, and the meme revolves around the “GASP” speech bubble, which I ended up leaving out: “I think the art conveys what I want silently”. Truthfully, the gasp bubble was just a distraction, you can already tell Mighty’s jaw is dropping.