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    Triple Studies ft. the cast of SING

    Everything has “ft.” in the title when I post nowadays…XD

    Hello everyone, I’m bringing more SING studies–these characters are just so awesome!! Jesus loves you!!!

    I think drawing characters by referencing existing material can be extremely helpful in getting a grasp on how to approach creating more art with said character. Now, with characters from SING, since they’re all contained within the same franchise, once you find a working style for one character, it kind of carries over to the others (see Klaus, Johnny, and Meena utilize the same type of eyes; when I studied the 2D style in official SING art, I saw how it’s totally acceptable to simplify it to just a black dot for 2D, versus the full pupil-iris rendering of the 3D eye–Nooshy’s eyes are in the 3D style, but I think her drawings were done before the others)