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    The Questions that Silence Marine | Ray x Marine in the FUTURE

    So maybe the title is ridiculously long, but it’s fitting! Jesus loves you!!!

    Bringing you a full-fledged Ray x Marine in the FUTURE comic! *screams* The whole familyTANGLE X MIGHTY! LACEY THE LEMUR(MY OC)! MATILDA! RAY X MARINE! *screams again*

    *ahem–koff* Fun facts: Lil’ Lacey the Lemur is held by everyone(except Marine) throughout the various scenes; she can hear EVERYTHING… + got to throw some Aussie dialogue in for Marine again–had to find space for it since she doesn’t talk that much, the main idea being she is silenced–Heaps: a lot; Ankle biter: a child; “yeah?” at the end of her sentence.

    Now, about the technical details: The initial “draft”, if you will, was done on a whim. Just one page in my sketchbook with the characters roughly placed, mainly stressing their expressions and jotting down dialogue. When working on the digital piece, I decided to try doing the vertical-scroll style, this “page” being equivalent to about 2/2.5 regular comic pages.

    I’m a comic artist, yeah? I’ve got to crunch out many panels, so I experiment with styles and find ways to expedite the process. (shortcuts are not a bad thing; learning from others is extremely helpful) Anyway, inking is not my favorite thing in the world, BUT I figured out a way to turn my pencils layers INTO inks with my art program, which is was this piece showcases. Using vector layers. I should probably do a post about it eventually. The lines look very sproing-y, and resembles how I sometimes draw traditionally.