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    Tangle the Lemur x Mighty the Armadillo | Sonic the Hedgehog

    What?! Yes, at this time, this is probably the ONLY article, you’ll find with Tangle the Lemur & Mighty the Armadillo, two Sonic characters I proudly ship. On this page, you’ll find all kinds of my Tangle x Mighty content! Fan Art, time-lapses, an animation, fancomic?! Older stuff at the top, newer stuff on the bottom. I DID IT– I created a fan comic with Tangle x Mighty!!! (also see the Shadaria one!) Like this art? Give hearts and please enjoy! Jesus loves you!!!

    A short animation with no dialogue(excepting one speech bubble), about Tangle meeting Mighty.

    It’s a stretch to consider this as Tangle x Mighty, but it’s a time-lapse
    for the background in the animation above, so, yeah, it’s here.

    A GIGANTIC comic photo(time-lapse below) featuring dialogue from like, two-ish panels in a unreleased fanfic

    Timelapse of the drawing you just saw above…Tangle x Mighty!

    Fan Art!!! This is for Valentine’s Day, and yes, time-lapsed this one into a video as well. BELOW!

    Part 1: Pencils Timelapse(yes, there are 3 parts, and they are ALL on this page.)

    Part 2: Color Timelapse(yes, this is the second part.)

    Part 3: Inks & Details(yes, these are the 3 timelapses for that one fan art.)

    A quick sketch!

    Fan Art with Tangle & Mighty for John 3:16 Day!

    Two Collab(RJ from BT21 & Pusheen) Fan Art I did separately, now as one fanart piece!

    Mighty effortlessly scooping up Tangle to embrace her. She looks a little shocked about that…

    Tangle giddily thinking about Mighty, who is observing her behavior in the distance, puzzled.

    Derived from a scrapped Tangle x Mighty fan-comic scene, Tangle & Mighty having dinner, just as friends.

    Tangle & Mighty square dancing for fun!

    “Here’s some flowers!” “Aw, thank—” He sprung this one on her, but she’s not gonna let it slide…

    Tangle paid Mighty back for that quick kiss on the cheek with a push, but it was a bit too hard. And honestly, right now, Mighty might not even know why he was just shoved….

    Tangle & Mighty taking a squishy selfie!

    That statement caught Mighty by surprise. He could’ve saved himself the embarrassment if he’d just let Tangle finish her sentence.

    Mighty thoughtfully draping a blanket over Tangle, who is fast asleep on a chair.

    Tangle barely dodges a box that flies by as Mighty eagerly turns around to see her.

    In costumes, Mighty(Popeye the Sailor) & Tangle(Strawberry Shortcake), sweetly pressing their heads!

    Tangle, innocently distracted by strawberries, is complete clueless that Mighty is swooning over her on this friendly “not date”.

    While Mighty’s concerned Tangle may have hurt her hand, she’s blushing like a “bagel”(in tennis terms)

    Tangle and Mighty ready to take on whatever comes their way!(even their romantic relationship…?)

    Tangle, wearing a bubble-tea inspired dress, is a bit bashful about being seen so dress-y by her badnik busting buddy, Mighty. But he’s not shocked in a bad way. Actually, he looks like he might be thinking of Tangle as more than a friend.

    Mighty’s got a mind to tell Tangle how he feels about her, but he should probably think of some more ideas.

    Tangle slips trying to rollerblade, but Mighty’s there for her, however slow she wants to take things.

    Tangle & Mighty cooking campfire strawberries dipped in marshmallow fluff!

    Mighty’s being brave, requesting Tangle to renew the challenge under new specifications!

    Tangle and Mighty are working together as friends on this lights out mission, when a candle brings surprise to them both!

    Just an average day, Tangle & Mighty playing a fun game of soccer!

    It’s like a whole ‘nother world when they call…well, that or they’re nervous because they haven’t admitted to liking each other yet, you decide!

    Tangle & Mighty’s got a lead on this mysterious, foggy mission.

    The challenge has been fulfilled, so Mighty finally got a kiss on the cheek!

    Stuck in the middle of a downpour, Tangle is angry at Mighty, but why?

    Tangle beams with a glowing smile as the sun sets, comforting teary-eyed Mighty.

    These two are all dressed up for a 90’s Party!

    Snowflakes remind Tangle & Mighty that they are also uniquely created by the Creator, Jesus!

    Just chillin’ on this beautiful day!

    While Mighty slips a lovely corsage on Tangle’s wrist, the two gaze at each other.

    Not long after Tangle dozed off, her head fell over, leaning on Mighty’s shell.

    Waitress-ing for a day, Tangle shares a fond moment with Mighty as he grasps her hand.

    Mighty wraps his arms around Tangle to catch her in this fun pursuit.

    Some sketch studies of Tangle & Mighty from reference(plus a cameo by Matilda, Mighty’s sister!) Chronologically, this was drawn before Tangle x Mighty Sketch #32.

    More sketch studies of Tangle & Mighty from more refs(and today, Ray & Knuckles appear!) Chronologically, this was drawn before Tangle x Mighty Sketch #33.

    Even more sketch studies with Tangle taking the majority of this sheet!

    Yes, more more sketch studies starring surprise guests: Knuckles, Charmy, & Whisper!

    Even More More in this final sheet of the series with extras: Jewel, Espio, Charmy, Vector, Ray, & Ron the Rabbit??

    Tangle and Mighty at a Carnival Night Zone/Twinkle Park-inspired carnival to put strength to the test!

    This is Tangle & Mighty’s hands forming a heart!

    Her anklet says “T + M” so it counts(as Tangle x Mighty)

    Taking place in a future timeline where Tangle & Mighty are married, here is the model sheet for their daughter, Lacey the Lemur.

    I combined elements of different memes to draw Lacey in different scenarios!

    Two sketchy pen pieces that I shared for Inktober, referencing internet templates for the poses and expressions seen here!

    The cover for my 20-page fancomic, Sononical: Heroes N’ Hearts, all pages out now! Read it here! There’s Tangle x Mighty in the story, peeps!

    Lil’ Toddler Lacey is so adorable, reaching on her tippy toes to give her daddy a cute, little kiss!

    Some new fresh “fresa” art(aka “strawberry” in Spanish) featuring Classic Mighty carrying a GIANT fresa with Classic Tangle on top!

    See Tangle & Mighty in the back? Yes, they’ve accidentally ended up under the mistletoe that’s been tied to a fan blade in the Chaotix office–BUT–know that they didn’t kiss–Tangle & Mighty saved their first kiss until they were married(reference the comic page a few photos down)

    And neither one knows the other is blushing…

    A WHOLE TANGLE X MIGHTY IN THE FUTURE COMIC PAGE!!! (btw, my fancomic, Sononical: Heroes N’ Hearts, shows us how these two met)

    Because yes, I should cut Tangle & Mighty’s silhouettes in gingerbread dough–WAIT–I did…

    Valentine’s Series #5, Tangle & Mighty are both filled with joy in this moment after Tangle surprised Mighty by suddenly covering his eyes!

    This one takes place in the future, before Tangle & Mighty are married. The notion of marriage isn’t what’s surprising(they know that’s the next step in their relationship), it’s how Bunnie suddenly asked it that caught the two off-guard!

    John 3:16 Day(March 16) again! If you compare to the one from last year, you’ll see this one shows Tangle & Mighty sharing the good news of Jesus with everyone!

    A short, but cute, rough animation with these two! Tangle’s portion is based on some official comic panels, read more about the creation of it HERE!

    A picture from Tangle & Mighty’s wedding! SO ADORABLE! (also available in desktop size; just click on the photo to go to the post)

    From Tangle’s early pregnancy symptom of nausea, then sharing the surprise with Mighty, all the way to a beautiful little girl named Lacey the Lemur in both of their arms, this is a sequence of frames stitched together in an artistic way to vividly tell a story.

    Uh-oh. Little Lacey isn’t happy about tail training in the tree with Mommy–not one bit. It’s Daddy to the rescue for both of them!

    Trouble? Not for long with these two badnik busters on the job! (quick process overview in post)

    Cute family scene as little Lacey the Lemur timidly peeks at her daddy and mommy!

    Merry CHRISTmas! Remember that Jesus loves you! Tangle and Mighty in Christmas themed apparel!

    Can you find them? In the bottom right with hearts in between them, these two are so in love.

    A snapshot from their wedding! Mighty is about to burst now that Tangle has made her appearance on the aisle!

    Something’s bothering Mighty, but what? Hopefully Tangle can get to the bottom of this.

    A precious moment in the forest, not without some help from Matilda and Ray(Mighty’s siblings)!

    It’s another wedding photo! This time from the other angle, we see Tangle’s gentle expression as she goes down the aisle(escorted by Vector?), where she and Mighty will make a lifelong commitment to each other!

    (click the image to go to the page and view it larger!) While Ray and Marine may take the focus of this “in the Future” vertical comic, Tangle & Mighty + toddler Lacey are an important part of these family moments!

    Jesus loves the world–that’s you, me, EVERYONE–and He, the only begotten Son of God, came to take our place, died for us on the cross, and then came back to life, so that WHOEVER believes in Him(“if you confess with your mouth the Lord Jesus and believe in your heart that God has raised Him from the dead, you will be saved.” – Romans 10:9) will be alive with Him forever, even after the end of this life.

    It’s really that simple and Jesus is the only Way. We can’t save ourselves, and God isn’t judging us based on what we do “right” or “wrong”; eternal salvation is only by believing in Jesus, and His arms are ALWAYS open. (“Neither is there salvation in any other: for there is none other name under heaven given among men, whereby we must be saved.” – Acts 4:12)

    A simple, cute design for Tangle x Mighty’s 3rd “John 3:16 Day” appearance! (Scripture taken from the New King James Version®. Copyright © 1982 by Thomas Nelson. Used by permission. All rights reserved.)

    So, if you’re reading this, that means you scrolled to the bottom! Thanks! And if you enjoyed what you saw(unless your browser just randomly sent you to the bottom before you even had the chance to look, weird when that happens…), give some hearts? Also, in case you missed it, I created a 20-page fancomic called “Sononical: Heroes N’ Hearts”, and there’s an entire category for Sonic stuff! Thank you again and Jesus loves you!!!