Tangle the Lemur x Mighty the Armadillo | Sonic the Hedgehog

What?! Yes, at this time, this is probably the ONLY article, you’ll find with Tangle the Lemur & Mighty the Armadillo, two Sonic characters we proudly ship. On this page, you’ll find all our Tangle x Mighty content! Fan Art, time-lapses, an animation! We really want to create a Tangle x Mighty fan comic(see our Shadaria one!), and you can help by supporting us on Patreon, where we’ve set some really cool goals, creating a Tangle x Mighty fan comic is one of them! Please enjoy our stuff! Jesus loves you!!!

A short animation with no dialogue(excepting one speech bubble), about Tangle meeting Mighty.

It’s a stretch to consider this as Tangle x Mighty, but it’s a time-lapse
for the background in the animation above, so, yeah, it’s here.

A GIGANTIC comic photo we did(time-lapse below) featuring dialogue from like, two-ish panels in our unreleased fanfic(PATREON SUPPORT = TANGLE x MIGHTY FAN COMIC!)

Timelapse of the drawing you just saw above…Tangle x Mighty!

Fan Art!!! This is for Valentine’s Day, and yes, we time-lapsed this one into a video as well. BELOW!

Part 1: Pencils Timelapse(yes, there are 3 parts, and they are ALL on this page.)

Part 2: Color Timelapse(yes, this is the second part.)

Part 3: Inks & Details(yes, these are the 3 timelapses for that one fan art.)

A quick sketch for the goal we set on Patreon. When we reach 10 Patrons, we’ll
be able to dedicate more time to Tangle x Mighty fan comics!

Fan Art with Tangle & Mighty for John 3:16 Day!

Two Collab(RJ from BT21 & Pusheen) Fan Art I did separately, now as one fanart piece!

Mighty effortlessly scooping up Tangle to embrace her. She looks a little shocked about that…

Tangle giddily thinking about Mighty, who is observing her behavior in the distance, puzzled.

Derived from a scrapped Tangle x Mighty fan-comic scene, Tangle & Mighty having dinner, just as friends.

Tangle & Mighty square dancing for fun!

“Here’s some flowers!” “Aw, thank—” He sprung this one on her, but she’s not gonna let it slide…

Tangle paid Mighty back for that quick kiss on the cheek with a push, but it was a bit too hard. And honestly, right now, Mighty might not even know why he was just shoved….

Tangle & Mighty taking a squishy selfie!

That statement caught Mighty by surprise. He could’ve saved himself the embarrassment if he’d just let Tangle finish her sentence.

Mighty thoughtfully draping a blanket over Tangle, who is fast asleep on a chair.

Tangle barely dodges a box that flies by as Mighty eagerly turns around to see her.

In costumes, Mighty(Popeye the Sailor) & Tangle(Strawberry Shortcake), sweetly pressing their heads!

Tangle, innocently distracted by strawberries, is complete clueless that Mighty is swooning over her on this friendly “not date”.

While Mighty’s concerned Tangle may have hurt her hand, she’s blushing like a “bagel”(in tennis terms)

Tangle and Mighty ready to take on whatever comes their way!(even their romantic relationship…?)

Tangle, wearing a bubble-tea inspired dress, is a bit bashful about being seen so dress-y by her badnik busting buddy, Mighty. But he’s not shocked in a bad way. Actually, he looks like he might be thinking of Tangle as more than a friend.

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