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    Tangle x Mighty @ Twinkle Park’s High Striker

    Jesus loves you!!! Here we go, Tangle the Lemur x Mighty the Armadillo AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!! (because, I did like A LOT if you haven’t seen that)

    Tangle & Mighty are at Twinkle Park playing the High Striker/Strength Test carnival game. Well, actually, it was Tangle’s turn, but—just read the speech bubbles…

    Concerning the assembly of the piece, I penciled the base(Tangle & Mighty) on paper and then brought them to life digitally! (cel shading…) The background was created digitally; it’s more like a loose rendition of Twinkle Park with influence from Carnival Night Zone(notice the barrels) (and there’s also Gaussian blur on the BG)

    Mighty the Armadillo with his arms wrapped around Tangle the Lemur at Twinkle Park about to play High Striker/Strength Test