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    Tangle x Mighty “It’s a Date” Fan Art

    Jesus loves you!!! Remember “Not a Date” of the Tangle x Mighty Challenge? In Sketch #30, “It’s a Date”
    ! I used the textured pen after I saw it being used in an official timelapse, and man, I LOVE the textured pen! It adds, well, texture, to the line art, I LOVE IT! I referred to a comic scene for Mighty’s jacket/suit thing, I don’t even understand what the orange part is, maybe a belt, but at least it complements Tangle’s dress! And if were to elaborate more, I’d go on to say how does Mighty even wear a jacket without it going OVER his shell, but I’m not gonna go there. Ha-ha. Lastly, the BG on this reminds of like, a photo studio.